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by Kiytt

wow, it's very cute and pretty! plus points, and minus: + it's cute! + the eye, it's pretty and impressive good! + the dratini and drag...

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Chapter 8: A New Team Arrives!
Chapter 8: A New Team Arrives!
Argorok couldn't recover from the fight against Helnmaroc King... Argorok died. There's one unique Argorok only, if it dies, then an Argorok egg reincarnates in the Twilight Realm. When Skull kid heard the news, he immediately asked Midna to send him to the Twilight Realm, Midna helped him. He found the egg and went to Termina, he gave it to Majora as a present and it hatched. She hugs Skull Kid tightly and kissed his cheek. "Thank you so much, Skull Kid! Hehe!"
Skull Kid blushes a bit. "Anything for you, you're very welcome! Hehehe."
After a while Skull Kid teached Majora how to let Argorok learn to recognise Majora's whistle. "First put two fingers together in your mouth, and then blow."
Later they practiced on Helmaroc King how to fly, and then on Argorok. They fly over Hyrule Field, they see Luke and wave to him. Luke greets them back by tapping his hat twice with a smile. When Majora, Skull Kid, and Argorok, are out of sight, he walks further around.
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Chapter 7: A Huge War!
Chapter 7: A Huge War!
It was a normal day in Termina. But suddenly a Terminian soldier runs to Skull Kid. "Sir! We are under attack!"
Skull Kid runs away and sees it... Loads of Moblins and Darknuts. He snaps his fingers, then loads of Terminian comes and fight the Moblins and Darknuts.
Skull Kid: "This is why I'm Termina's armyleader!"
He runs to the fight and joins, he holds a flame in each hand, shooting flames at enemies. Helmaroc King comes and flies over, landing in about the center of it. He grabs a Darknut with his back and lifts it up... Throwing it against a wall. Helmaroc King does that at loads of Darknuts and also few Moblins. After a while an huge Infernal Dinosaur comes... With a strong armored guy on it's back..... It are King Dodongo and General Onox! General Onox jumps off. "So this is Termina? Hehh, pathetic world!"
A few Terminian warriors with lances and swords runs to General Onox, he leaps and deals some powerful/strong hits with his fists, knocking the warriors
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Chapter 6: Bad Plans...
Chapter 6: Bad Plans...
While Skull Kid and Majora are busy with healing Helmaroc King, Argorok also fainted in front of Zant. Also Argorok got help with healing, but from Zant. Agahnim, Veran, General Onox, Zant, Ghirahim, Vaati, and Ganondorf, are in the Dark World now, to plan more vil things.
Ganondorf: "Good, we're all here, let's talk about or next plans."
General Onox: "Yeah, cool and stuff, but where's Vaati?"
Ganondorf: "..."
Veran: "He's late... Again..."
Ganondorf: "He needs to be on time more often! This is the damn fifth time he's late again!"
Ghirahim: "I'm always on time, I'm so fabulous."
General Onox: "Ghirahim... What the...?"
Veran: "Where's Vaati? He's still not arrived?"
Ghirahim: "Nobody cares anyway, because I'm fabulous!"
General Onox & Agahnim: "Please stop!"
Zant: "Weee!"
Zant spins around.
Vaati arrives after a while. "Why is Zant spinning?"
General Onox: "He's stupid..."
Ghirahim: "And you aren't, Onox?"
General Onox: "Hey! Shut up you mess of make-up!"
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Chapter 5: Rivals In Air!
Chapter 5: Rivals In Air!
Helmaroc King was flying, with Skull Kid on his back. After a while it became night and very dark. "Helmaroc King, let's land here. It's too dangerous now, we don't see anything..."
Helmaroc King lands on the ground, Skull Kid jumped off...
Helmaroc King and Skull Kid look around, trying to see where the sound came from... Suddenly they see Argorok, a huge Twili dragon, his size is equal to Helmaroc King's size, they're both very huge. Skull Kid looks at Argorok... "That's Zant's dragon... So Zant's really back."
Helmaroc King also looks at Argorok now. "Yes, and it seems I just found a rival."
Skull Kid: "Argorok?"
Helmaroc King: "Yes, I want to fight him."
Skull kid: "No, not yet! We will when we fight Zant."
Helmaroc King: "Don't be worried, Skull Kid. I am very strong, also, I lead an army of Kargarocs, I'm the boss of all Kargarocs."
Skull Kid: "I heard Argorok leads Shadow Kargarocs."
Helmaroc King "Still, I'll fight him. And tha
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Chapter 4: Water Temple In Danger.
Chapter 4: Water Temple In Danger.
Darky, a Dark Fierce Deity, walks through the Water Temple. He's using his hookshot a few times to reach some places. From a long distance he sees something... A tentacle of a water substitute. "No... Not that thing again... It died years ago... Why is it here?..." He jumps from the steel plate, he falls down and lands in front of the water. "Morpha! Why are you back!?"
Morpha grabs Darky and lifts him up... More water tentacles surround them. Darky tries to break free.
"Let him go!" A guy in violet clothes jumped and sliced the water tentacle that holds Darky, the water falls on the ground, and Darky too.
"Thanks!" Darky draws his huge sword.
"No problem, I'm Vio. Let's take down these water tentacles!"
They slice and dodge a lot. But everytime a tentacle is beaten, a new one comes back out the water... Darky dodge a swipe of a water tentacle. "Argh! These things come back everytime!"
A tentacle grabs Vio, an another one grabs Darky at his throat...
:iconfrozenphoenix96:FrozenPhoenix96 1 0
Chapter 3: The Boat Trip Of SkullKid and Majora.
Chapter 3: The Boat Trip  Of SkullKid And Majora.
SkullKid woke up, he went to the special eatingroom. Only Oni, Majora, Hale, SkullKid, and special invited people are allowed there. It's a huge room, with a big table. At the end of the table is Majora's chair. At the other end Oni's. At the side are three chairs, for eventually invited guests. At the other side are SkullKid's, Ezra's, and Hale's chairs. In the same room's also some other stuff. SkullKid's fishingrod lays against the wall. And there are a few closets. The table is the table where they eat.
SkullKid walks in the room and goes to his chair, he sits on it. He waits, a few minutes later comes Majora in the room. "Hi SkullKid."
SkullKid: "Hello, majesty."
Majora: "Do you want something to eat?"
SkullKid: "Okay, where are the others?"
Majora: "Well, Ezra lives in Hyrule with her husband, Talon."
SkullKid: "I know, I meant prince Hale and king Oni.
Majora: "Oh, they're still sleeping."
Majora smiled. "What do you want to eat?
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Sorry everyone for my overload of inactivityness...
I was very busy with other stuff and forgot to log in here for a few months.
Anyway, I'm active again from now on. :)

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